Jim Riehl's Friendly Cadillac is the Cadillac Dealer Sterling Heights, MI residents trust. We have been in business for many years, and call ourselves the "friendly" Cadillac dealership, because our customers are always greeted with a smile.

Some Sterling Heights car dealers pride themselves on the sale. While we do this as well - since we're here to sell Cadillacs - our main priority lies in making our customers happy. This means that we provide friendly service to everyone, whether they're here to buy a new car, find that perfect pre-owned one, or even get their current vehicle serviced.

Located in the City of Sterling Heights

Sterling Heights, MI is one of the larger suburbs of Detroit. It boasts over 100,000 residents and is actually the fourth largest city in this entire state. Why is this important? Well, this Cadillac Dealer Sterling Heights, MI residents have come to love is proud to be located in this area.

Sterling Heights has a lot going for it and is considered to be one of the safest large cities in Michigan. This means that you can spend time at Jim Riehl's Friendly Cadillac and then go check out some of the attractions in Sterling Heights, including the nature center and some of the many parks and recreation areas.

Buy a New Cadillac in Sterling Heights

We're one of the main Cadillac Dealer Sterling Heights, MI locations. This means that we have plenty of new vehicles to choose from. We have all of the latest makes and models in a variety of colors. There are plenty of options available, including sedans, coupes, and SUVs with an array of features. Owning one of them will show that you have pride in American manufacturing since Cadillacs are made right here in the U.S.A.

Check Out the Pre-Owned Vehicles

Not only does this Cadillac Dealer Sterling Heights, MI have a lot of new cars on its lot, but it also has a wide variety of pre-owned ones. If you want a pre-owned car that you can be proud of, then Jim Riehl's Friendly Cadillac is the place to go. These vehicles range in age, mileage, and overall style, but that just means that you have more to pick from. Everyone wants a Cadillac Dealer Sterling Heights, MI that they can trust, and they've found there here. You will as well! A pre-owned car will last for many years, as long as you take care of it properly.

Have Your Cadillac Serviced

Speaking of taking care of vehicles, Jim Riehl's Friendly Cadillac, also known as a great Cadillac Dealer Sterling Heights, MI, is the place to go to have your car serviced. They employ a number of well-trained technicians. Their service writers will be able to explain exactly what's wrong with your car and come up with the best way to fix it.
However, if you need something simple done, like an oil change or some other form of preventative maintenance, then we can help with that as well. You need to take care of your Cadillac in order to keep it in good running condition.

Our service center keeps a number of parts in stock, cutting down on the time that you'll have to wait for your car or SUV to be fixed. We understand that you're busy, so we try to make this process as clear as we can.

We're the place to go for general maintenance, repairs, new cars, and even pre-owned Cadillacs. In fact, we are an excellent option when choosing a used car dealer near Sterling Heights.

Remember - the next time that you're looking for a Cadillac Dealer Sterling Heights, MI residents, look no further than Jim Riehl's Friendly Cadillac!